An AI virtual assistant for expense tracker

Redesigning Personal Financial App with AI


Sean Chen

Mar 27, 2024
Sean Chen

We have developed an AI-powered personal finance assistant that allows you to record your expenditures and earnings just by "telling it". If you have questions about your finances, you can just "ask it".

For managing personal finance, keeping track of your expenses is one of the most critical yet difficult things. So you can know where your money was spent, and where you should start saving. The majority of expense manager and budgeting apps available on the App Store and Play Store provide a similar experience - plenty of numbers, buttons, charts that are difficult to understand and an overly complicated user interface.

It is common for first-time users to give up immediately after the first launch, including myself. The learning curve is steep, and maintaining entries is tiring. Even after using it for a couple of months, we might stop using it once expense tracking was interrupted.

As we look back, all we need is to keep track of our money and gain insights from our financial goals.

Today, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), computers can understand you, plan things for you, perform actions according to your instructions, and review the results themselves. To solve our daily problems, it seems imperative that we tear down old brick buildings and re-build them with AI cement.

Let me introduce Blahget, an expense tracking app powered by artificial intelligence.

It is an application that allows you to simply tell it about your expenses by nature language, and it will log them for you automatically.

By speaking or typing, you can say, “Lunch today was roast beef for $11.99.”

The bookkeeping record will be automagically generated and categorized as “Lunch ”.

Why shouldn't tracking your expenses be this simple?

How about if I say a bunch of stuff at once?

All entries were neatly created and organized.

Let’s try editing. "Find the salmon salad I created earlier and change the price to $7.82, thank you."

The record was found, and edited.

Is it possible to ask questions? "How much did I spend on groceries today?"

The related spendings are found and calculated for you.

Try "Delete all my records today"

All gone!

A TRUE AI Assistant Experience

Our team built the very first prototype of Blahget, and we ate our own dog food for a couple weeks after that. There have been times when we have wondered, isn't expense tracking supposed to be this simple? A personal secretary at your fingertips who does things according to your instructions is just incredibly intuitive and invaluable.

Blahget is, technically, an artificial intelligence (AI) agent. It is capable of solving problems just like a human. Nature language queries are accepted and plans are made accordingly. If something goes wrong, it will fix it and try a new action if the previous action didn't work.

Blahget still has a long way to go, but we believe it has endless possibilities. As soon as a paradigm shift occurs, there is no turning back. Currently, we are building a lot of amazing features, and we look forward to your feedback. You can reach us at [Open Mail] to share your feedback and suggestions. We are constantly working to enhance Blahget's capabilities, teaching it more tasks and adding new tools to make it exponentially more powerful. Stay tuned for updates and exciting upcoming features!

Try now on iOS App Store: [Download Link]